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Trade your fears for courage,

Exchange your doubts for trust -

Swap the "can'ts" you hear for "can",

Change "may or mights" for must.

Make the changes needed

Trade the old thoughts for the new -

As you make the transitions,

You'll see there's so much you can do

Break the habits of old

Release thoughts of what you lack -

Change your focus to where your heading,

Think abundantly and don't look back! 

Quote of the day:

Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself - and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to - letting a person be what s/he really is.

Jim Morrison

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Each one of us has a purpose

And is gifted in some way too -

Every one of us, great or small;

Has important work to do

Rarely do we realise

The value of our deeds -

Or to what degree of greatness,

Our actions often leads

If we all shine our light

We'd eclipse the evening star -

Go out and be the beacon

Brighten the corner where you are!y.

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Today lets pray to untie the k'nots',

That, in our lives we often find -

The have not, can not and do not,

We have stored in our mind.

Erase the will not, may not and might not,

That reside deep in out heart -

Release the could not, should not and would not,

That often causes us not to start.

Most of all we ask oh Lord,

For removal, and this is tough...

But please take away the thought we have -

That we are not enough!

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Promise yourself to be so strong

Nothing disturbs your peace;

Talk prosperity, health & happiness

To everyone you meet.

Promise to forget past mistakes,

And be cheerful all the while -

No matter your personal circumstance

Greet everyone with a smile

Promise to invest time in yourself

So you're ready for life's next test -

Then no matter what may come your way,

You'll do your very best!

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Life isn't meant to be filled with woes

Nor troubles or worries;

So fill it with special moments

And awesome memories,

Life isn't shaped for problems,

So don't let them mould your day

Deal with them and take the lesson-

Problems aren't meant to stay.

Through life we must keep moving,

Learn to let go and be free -

In doing this we gain the power,

To control our destiny! 

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Blessed I am - I know its true

Whatever the circumstance

God pulls me through,

Blessed you are - I hope you see

You're here because

Of HIS Grace and mercy

Blessed we are - let's give HIM praise

For each new morning

And length of days! 

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Manifesting takes some courage

And also self-control;

Add daily determination,

If you want to reach your goal.

It takes a great deal of striving,

Steely strength from within,

To carry on no matter the battle,

If you really want to win.

The prize is worth the pursuing,

With endurance and all the grit;

To be successful in your life,

So never choose to Quit!

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