Why Choose Minerva Speaks?

Minerva Speaks is the Pseudonym for Yvette Davis BSc.

I have a plethora of work experience, spanning over more than 25 years in several areas of work.

10 years as a Carer, covering Home; Residential; End of Life carer & as aLive -in carer Specialist.

Highly developed Language & Communication skills from Courses; Training ;Work Experience & CPD including:

Beginners BSL; Body Language; Language and the Brain; Phrenology Presentation Skills & Grammar Courses.

A Qualified Cook who worked successfully in a Haringey Council Nursery, revising meals times into healthy, wholesome multi-cultural dining experiences. Trained by Haringey Council in Resident Involvement & as a Reducing Re-Offending Mentor.

A Qualified National Paralegal Association Paralegal, experienced in Prison, Criminal & Civil Law Matters; Social Scientist, with 7 years Administrative experience including Social Media; project Management, Email & Telephone Call Handling and Information Service Provision.

Director of Minerva's Justice LTD, providing an array of accessible Legal Services.

A Restorative Justice Facilitator, working with Youth & Men in YOI's and HMPs, to reduce offending; recidivism and holistically re-integrate offenders back into society.

Specialist areas of Study: Social Science / Policy & Criminology. Law & Emotional Intelligence.

Arts & Crafts enthusiast (Cards and Calligraphy) Vegetable Gardener, Positive Impact Coach; Creative Writer; Social Media Strategist (on most commonly used platforms : Facebook; Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram / Flipogram.

A Vegan who advocates a holistic approach to a Better Life, no matter what problems arise. Why? I thankfully & successfully saved my own Life, unbeknownst to ME the time, when my Heart Ruptured! (Follow the story in the Blog Pages).

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